Comprehensive service

Support with technology, sales and marketing. mfh systems GmbH‘s customers profit from every new technical development alongside pioneering products. Technical data and drawings are prepared accordingly so that they can be directly used for our own sales.

mfh delivers its products and the know-how of all applications to competent system providers (OEM), which are integrated in the relevant markets. Requests for information go directly to the management to the attention of Mr. Piephans or Mr. Nierbeck: andreas.piephans (at) or achim.nierbeck (at)
  • Technical handbook including continuous updates
  • Continual research and development work on the systems
  • Training on application techniques by in-house technicians
  • Newly developed mfh constructions plus all the necessary technical details including drawings and the corresponding performance tables
  • Theoretical calculations of the achieved impact noise level and insulation value of new mfh constructions and for special constructions
  • Development of individual product ranges
  • Calculation of the performance figures and calculation of the heating and cooling performance tables in accordance with DIN EN 1264 for all existing mfh constructions
  • Neutral product photos and drawings
  • Competition comparisons and analyses
  • 2.000 m² logistics center for customer order picking with specialized staff

mfh systems GmbH

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