09 September 2015

IDEAL TOP 15, the 15 mm dry construction floor heating system

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the 15 mm dry construction floor heating system

In redevelopments, low superstructures for floor heating systems are essential. With the IDEAL TOP 15 system, mfh systems GmbH from Belm has developed a heating system only 15 mm in height (incl. heat insulation) for dry construction. It distinguishes itself through a high heat capacity and simple installation.



Not only in renovation work is the installation height of the floor heating an important criteria. Up until now, minimal construction heights were only realisable in dry construction with losses in heating capacity. Therefore mfh systems GmbH has developed the new IDEAL TOP 15 system. The heating element itself is only 15 mm high and designed for the attachment of a 12 mm heating pipe in the factory-fitted thermal conductive panels. In the process, the material aluminium exploits a 4 times greater thermal conductivity compared to other conventional steel sheet metals, whereby the high energy efficiency of the IDEAL technology is safeguarded.


IDEAL TOP 15 enables low superstructures also in dry construction

Up until now, low installation heights were only possible if a casting compound and nop mats were used. However, the drying time of the wet mass unnecessarily extends the length of the construction time, and often the insulation of the subsurface is non-existent. As a result, heat is dissipated in the wrong direction and the floor heating loses part of its comfort function. The mfh IDEAL system is renowned for its low installation height in dry construction. The innovative IDEAL TOP 15 continues this tradition, and in combination with STRONGBOARD FL (5mm) or the thermal conductive layer CompactFloor PRO (10 mm), a total height of just 30 – 40 mm (incl. floor covering) can be achieved. Thanks to the integrated insulation, the thermal heat is maintained, and simultaneously working time is saved during the installation.


Simple installation thanks to IDEAL TOP 15

IDEAL TOP 15 is approved for all mfh constructions. The omega shape of the pipe duct permits the simple attachment of the heating pipe at a uniform laying distance of 150 mm. As a result of the punched cutting lines, the element panels can be easily cut to the correct size and laid in the specified grid. With a compressive stress of 240 kPa on the integrated thermal insulation, TOP 15 also withstands high loads. The Euro pallet-optimised size of the system panels of 1,200 x 750 mm makes IDEAL TOP 15 particularly compatible for transportation and for construction sites, since more than 120 m² can be loaded onto one pallet. For logistical optimisation, system parts are reduced to one heating element and one combination element, of which half of each comprises of deflection elements and edge construction panels.

A floor heating system for every dry construction project

The IDEAL floor heating system distinguishes itself through its flexibility and can be used in any construction project. Thanks to the combination with innovative thermal conductive layers, a low installation height can be achieved for renovations, new constructions and also redevelopments. Quick heating up and cooling down is possible, as an optimum room temperature can also be achieved with extremely low heating water temperatures. As a result, the floor heating is not only energy-saving, but also environmentally friendly.

The new heating element IDEAL TOP15 with the thermal conductive layer CompactFloor Pro. Installation height 25 mm plus floor covering. Suitable for the application of all known floor coverings.

IDEAL TOP 15: 15 mm thick. Dimensions: 1,200 x 750 x 15 mm. Laying distance 150 mm. 240 kpa compression load. 120 m² fit onto one Euro pallet.

Laying of the new mfh heating element IDEAL TOP15 on an even subsurface. Besides stabilising frame timbers, header and compensatory elements are also available.

System pipes with an outer diameter of 12 mm can be used as a heating pipe in the TOP15 element. Besides multi-layer metal-composite pipes, PE-RT and PEX system pipes are also suitable.

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mfh systems GmbH is a European manufacturer and supplier of system components for the creation of surface heating and cooling systems in floors, walls and ceiling. The company provides its engineering expertise for its customers. Thanks to continuous further development, mfh systems now offers systems with high efficiency due to low temperatures. The systems can be employed in new construction and renovation, either as a drywall system or in conjunction with thin screeds.

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