10 November 2014

CompactFloor featured in Heinze newsletter

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The Heinze newsletter is an information service about the construction sector. This week, mfh systems will be featured with its optimized screed element for underfloor heating systems.



Energy savings and comfort with the new CompactFloor elements 

The floor - whether heated or unheated - is a component that must withstand a high load. At the same time, a floor with an integrated floor heating provides comfort. Previously, only new buildings could be equipped with this energy-saving technology, as the components used, especially the screed, are only conditionally suitable for renovations and old buildings (high weight, a lot of moisture, large mounting height).

For several years, specialized surface heating systems for renovations in drywall constructions are available. These are usually installed with commercial dry screed elements, which have been available in the market for decades. These elements, however, are not optimized for use with surface heating systems and have only a small thermal conductivity, so that the floor heating requires higher flow temperatures.

Screed elements of the new CompactFloor-series are optimized for floor heating.

All products of the CompactFloor-series are optimized for use with floor heating. They combine the benefits of classic screed (high thermal conductivity) with the benefit of a low storage mass. Thus, a floor heating reacts extremely quickly to different thermal requirements and provides its users with an energy-saving and comfortable heating on demand.


CompactFloor PRO with only 10 mm thickness for new construction and renovation

With CompactFloor PRO, mfh systems from Belm near Osnabrück succeeded in creating a heating engineering optimization while reducing the building height to only 10 mm. In combination with a suitable surface heating system, the element easily meets the requirements for residential and commercial buildings (point and area load = 3,0 kN/m²). In comparrison to other dry screed elements, it has an optimized thermal conductivity (0,50 W/mK), can be laid by one person and can be applied with any desired flooring. Due to its positive characteristics, the CompactFloor screed element is suitable for new buildings and especially for the renovation of residential buildings.

CompactFloor EXPERT – presentation at the Bau 2015 exhibition

At the Bau 2015, mfh will present a new member of the CompactFloor family. With CompactFloor EXPERT, the thermal conductivity (> 1,2 W/mK) and the load values (area load = 5,0 kN/m²) have been further increased. The opportunity of laying larger tiles up to 120 x 120 cm makes the use in residential and commercial areas (meeting halls, churches etc.) possible.

Installation of CompactFloor with floor heating

Layered structure CompactFloor PRO with floor heating

Layered structure CompactFloor EXPERT with floor heating


CompactFloor PRO and CompactFloor EXPERT will be presented in detail at the Bau 2015 in Munich - Hall B0, Booth 306B.
For more information about CompactFloor, visit www.compact-floor.com.

mfh systems in profile
mfh systems GmbH is a European manufacturer and supplier of system components for the creation of surface heating and cooling systems in floors, walls and ceiling. The company provides its engineering expertise for its customers. Thanks to continuous further development, mfh systems now offers systems with high efficiency due to low temperatures. The systems can be employed in new construction and renovation, either as a drywall system or in conjunction with thin screeds.

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