Experience and tradition since 1968

The Osnabrück family Nierbeck has dealt with underfloor heating since 1968. Bernhard Nierbeck , who died in 2002, represented the system Multibeton. In 1978, his son Achim Nierbeck began to develop, explain and provide underfloor heating.

In 1988, Achim Nierbeck became CEO of Thermoval Germany GmbH - a leading systems provider. There, he developed an interest in home restoration and renovations . Due to the fixation on screed systems, this market was not developed for underfloor heating systems.

The company Jupiter Heating Systems was founded in 1994 and quickly became market leader with its special drywall applications. In 2007 , the Denfoss Group bought the company. Achim Nierbeck remained CEO. After Danfoss withdrew from the direct product range underfloor heating, Nierbeck founded the mfh systems GmbH in 2013 with Jupiter trained engineers and professionals. The successful underfloor heating systems of Jupiter and Danfoss - System IDEAL and SpeedUp - have been further developed and are now offered by leading system suppliers in Europe.

Technical experience of family tradition

 1978   Achim Nierbeck becomes a shareholder in Thermoval Germany, a floor heating system provider

 1979   Achim Nierbeck takes over the technical sales agency of his father with 10 employees

 1988   Nierbeck joins the management of Thermoval Germany GmbH (Frechen)

 1993   Nierbeck becomes a consultant for the KiTec Group (London), the SPVG (Ahlen) and the Unicor Group (Haßfurt)

 1993   Founding of the JUPITER Heating Systems, based in Belm, near Osnabrück

 2007   sale of the JUPITER Heating Systems to Danfoss A/S, Denmark, Nierbeck remains CEO

 2012   Foundation of mfh systems GmbH with young engineers and trained professionals from Jupiter


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