5 mm load distribution layer for tile and laminate

The STRONG BOARD FL element is a polyester fiber plate made ​​of aluminium laminated fabric and thermoplastic binders with high tensile and compressive strength. The good thermal conductivity ensures rapid transport of heat into the room.

Due to the low weight of 5.2 kg per m², the system is also suitable in static sensitive ceiling constructions. As a distribution layer, STRONGBOARD is used for tile coverings and for floating laminate floorings. The elements, which are only 5 mm thick, are glued to the heating elements, which are also fixed to the ground with the same adhesive (Ecofix).



For system providers

  • Unique distribution layer with high thermal conductivity
  • Only 5 mm thick - innovative distribution layer
  • Suitable for tiles and laminate


For craftsmen

  • Simple processing elements in dry construction
  • Immediate installation of the topsoil (tile or laminate) without waiting
  • Tile sizes from 10x10 cm to 40x60 cm


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