The ecological surface heating and cooling

The system IDEAL ÖKO 30 is structurally identical to the system IDEAL EPS 30. Also, the system ÖKO 30 can be used as floor heating with floorings (almost) directly laid and is equally suitable for the installation of wet and dry screeds. The heating element is made of wood fiber. Due to the high density of the wood fiber insulation, it has a higher weight and thus a high impact sound insulation.

All materials are to be separated well and recyclable. The aspiration, on the one hand to have a low temperature heating system with high energy efficiency and ecological requirements on the other hand, has made the system IDEAL ÖKO 30 successful. On wood and prefabricated houses this technology finds recognition as well as in ecologically oriented new buildings and reconstructions.

Benefits System IDEAL ÖKO 30

For system providers

  • High flexibility in all applications with just a few parts
  • Over 7 million sold and installed elements (system IDEAL EPS and ÖKO)
  • Technologically appealing product with ecological arguments


For craftsmen

  • One system for all applications: Floor | Wall | Ceiling | Heating | Cooling
  • Aluminium and wood fiber are factory-glued together
  • Omega-shape of the tube channels and beading of each thermal conductivity panel

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