Low installation heights with full performance

The IDEAL NEO 20 system is an adaptation of the IDEAL EPS 30.
The advantage of the IDEAL NEO 20 system is the reduction in installation height by 10 mm, although a 16 mm heating pipe is still used. The thermal capacity and pressure losses are therefore identical to the IDEAL EPS 30.

The laying of the system elements is implemented according to the usual simple principle of the IDEAL system. The 0.5 mm-thick thermal conductive panels made from aluminium are already attached to the NEOPOR and the pipe ducts have an omega shape in order to optimally fix the 16 mm pipe. Floor coverings can be laid (almost) directly onto the heating elements.

IDEAL NEO 20 can be combined with all common screeds and is particularly suitable for dry construction. In combination with innovative thermal conductive layers, a high heat capacity is achieved and quick heating up and cooling down is possible, whereby IDEAL NEO 20 is particularly energy efficient.

Benefits System IDEAL NEO 20

For system providers

  • Technically compatible with IDEAL EPS 30
  • Flexibility & efficiency in one system
  • Additional usability thanks to lower installation heights


For craftsmen

  • Simple to lay underfloor heating with a low installation height
  • In combination with CompactFloor, an installation height from 40 mm incl. floor covering is possible
  • The use of a 16 mm pipe is also possible with a low height

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