A modern classic for all applications

The IDEAL EPS 30 system is a modern surface heating and surface cooling, which can be used as floor heating, wall heating and ceiling heating. As an underfloor heating system, it offers the possibility of laying floorings (almost) directly on the heating elements. This reduces installation height and enables a quick heating and cooling process.

The system IDEAL EPS 30 shows additional advantages and flexibility in combination with dry flooring elements between 10 - 25 mm. Drying time is eliminated and any floor covering can be applied without delay.

The system can be combined with thin screeds. The screed thickness is reduced to up to 25 mm which leads to short heat-up times even with wet screeds. The user heats only when he desires heat - and only consumes energy when heating is required.

Benefits System IDEAL EPS 30

For system providers

  • High flexibility in all applications with just a few parts
  • Over 7 million sold and installed elements (system IDEAL EPS and ÖKO)
  • Technologically appealing product and continuous development


For craftsmen

  • One system for all applications: floor | wall | ceiling | heating | cooling
  • Aluminium and styrofoam are factory-glued together
  • Omega-shape of the tube channels and beading on each thermal conductivity panel

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