resin-bonded compensating heat insulation


CF THERM PU is a PU resin-bonded expanded glass granulate that is used as a levelling fill for an uneven floor to create an even and allocable surface. It dries quickly, is cement- and water-free, robust against environmental influences and permanently dimensionally stable. The integrated thermal insulation supports the energy efficiency of the underfloor heating above.

Quick to install and good thermal insulation. With these properties, CF THERM PU supports underfloor heating applications in dry construction. Thanks to the resin binder, water can be completely dispensed with during installation and the surface can be walked on after just 3 hours.

Even without underfloor heating, CF THERM PU combines important advantages. The resin binder enables very thin layer thicknesses. The CF THERM PU can be used if the pouring height exceeds 10 mm. The system-specific bonding primer ensures optimum bonding to the substrate.



Advantages of CF THERM PU
  • Dry assembly without addition of water
  • Layer thicknesses starting from 10mm
  • Good thermal insulation properties of 0.07 W/mK
  • High compressive strength of 0.5 N/mm².

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