Self-regulating underfloor heating system for new building and renovation

With the self-regulating system E-NERGY IQ, there is an alternative to hydraulic underfloor heating, which can also be installed with gypsum fibre dry screeds. The self-regulating heating cable does not exceed the maximum temperature of 50 °C.

As the heating cables are inserted in exactly fitting heat-conducting aluminium channels, the floor warms up quickly and evenly. A quick and uncomplicated installation and the possibility of single room use ensure low costs, as well as the elimination of a boiler room.


E-NERGY IQ heating elements are only 20 mm thick, can withstand high pressure and are insulated. As a dry construction system, it is ideal for renovation and new construction. The factory-fitted aluminium heat distribution plates with its perfectly fitting channels for the self-regulating heating cable ensure rapid heating. Few system components, high thermal output, short installation times – no screed that causes inertia. That's how heating elements should be if they are meant to save energy and provide comfort. An underfloor heating system that heats when necessary, instead of being constantly switched on.

The E-NERGY IQ heating cable regulates itself. It automatically adjusts the output according to demand and therefore cannot overheat. The fascinating thing about this is that this regulating effect happens inch-perfect. Under furniture, for example, the cable has lower heat dissipation than in front of the window. This function makes the electrical underfloor heating energy-saving and comfortable.

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Benefits of System E-NERGY IQ

Benefits of the heating elements

  • Factory-fixed aluminium plates for quick and even heat dissipation
  • Integrated thermal insulation to minimize heat losses
  • High pressure resistance for maximum stability
  • Few system parts for short assembly times


Benefits of the heating cable

  • Self-regulating heating cable for modern underfl oor heating
  • Automatic power adjustment for cost-effi cient heating
  • Easy installation and short construction time
  • No overheating for a secure home

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