AirUnit – Decentralised domestic ventilation

Fresh and healthy air in the house

Houses are usually built airtight in order to save energy. This, however, is not ideal for the indoor climate. The air is consumed quickly and has to be replaced by regular ventilation. Window ventilation results in increased energy consumption and is often not sufficient. Whether renovation or new construction, single or multi-family houses – the AirUnit is universally applicable. It offers a regenerative heat recovery of up to 90%. The installation is worthwhile: little effort, low cost and high efficiency.

The AirUnit works in two intervals: In its first interval, the stale air is moved to the outside. The integrated ceramic heat accumulator is charged with the heat contained in the indoor air.

In the second interval, the ventilation unit switches the running direction, so that fresh outside air is supplied to the room This fresh air is heated with the previously stored heat from the ceramic heat storage.

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Advantages of AirUnit

For consultant engineers

  • Heat recovery of up to 90.3%
  • Hygienic & cost-effective
  • Nightly cooling in summer


For installers

  • Easy installation without complex pipe system
  • Insulated NEOPOR® wall duct with integrated slope
  • Perfect for reconstructions

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